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Camark Engineering now offers Delfin's industrial vacuum systems. These high-quality industrial tools are capable of increasing the efficiency of each industrial process, ensuring security and cleaning standards even in the most demanding environments. From the pharmaceutical laboratory to the foundry, from the small bakery to the largest automotive industry, Delpin vacuum systems have solved and continue to satisfy the cleaning requirements of industries worldwide. Please contact Camark Engineering for more information.

Portable Vacuum Systems:

Delfin Industrial portable vacuum cleaners provide the benefits of industrial-strength extraction with the maneuverability of an everyday household vacuum. Other portable vacuum models available. Please contact Camark Engineering for more information.


​DM 3 EL

  • Canister is 16-gal/60lt

  • Three powerful single-phase motors

  • Suitable and safe for any industrial application involving dust, solids, and liquids, also when mixed

Mistral 300 BL D2

  •  NRTL certified for cleaning in Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G environments

  • Comes with a powerful spark-free brushless motor (up to 10,000 hour life expectancy). 

  • Antistatic star filter with large filtration surface and high filtration efficiency

Mistral 202 DS

  • The MISTRAL 202 DS industrial vacuum system is by far the best seller in the Delfin line.

  • Two single-phase motors, class M Polyester PTFE filter with a very large surface area and great maneuverability

  • Possibility of using disposable bags and the variety of accessory options available

​Mistral 451 BLD2

  • This compact model is the perfect solution to handle dry and mobile cleaning of even combustible dust

  • NFPA compliant & NRTL Class II, Divsion 2 certified, this vacuum is equipped with a brushless spark-free motor (average life 15,000 hours) to prevent any sparks

Specialty Vacuums:

A sample of the specialty vacuums offered by Delfin Industrial. Other models available. Please contact Camark Engineering for more information.


  • Designed to extract and recycle liquids, oils, and emulsions from CNC machines

  • The vacuum is compact, mobile, and made with complete powder coated steel construction.

  • Includes electric floating device stops the suction when container is full

Tecnoil TC 100 MPI

  • Powerful single-phase machine with 2 single-phase motors

  • Designed specifically for the mechanical industry and maintenance of CNC machine tools

  • Coolant liquids and emulsions can be collected, separating off any metal chips and allowing the vacuumed liquid to be reused

Dust Collectors:

Unlike industrial vacuum cleaners, engineered with high water lift capabilities, industrial dust collectors are engineered with a high airflow rate making them ideal for industrial plants that need to deal with airborne dust removal. Additionally, a dust collector is equipped with a fan as opposed to a bypass motor, brushless motor, or side-channel blower as utilized on an industrial vacuum. More models available, please contact Camark Engineering for more information.

Zefiro EV AP 420 Without Arm

  • Compact mobile dust collector for airborne dust

  • This industrial dust collector will get rid of airborne particles generated by spillages, product transfer, packing and loading, or mechanical operations such as chipping or grinding

Zefiro EV AP 420 With Arm

  • Optional extraction arm to vacuum in narrow areas

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